What I Learned About Myself from Creating a Podcast

I thrive when I have many, many ways to create.

Anne recording a podcast episodeI wrote a post for our company’s blog on how I discovered having “podcaster’s block.” I’ve gotten through “writer’s block” many times since the 5th grade when I declared myself a writer. Why was I having trouble speaking into the mic?

Like with so many of life’s challenges, I found that help helps.

Laurel Sindewald, our podcast producer, transformed my podcaster’s block into building blocks with her kind words. I share them with her permission.

Would you like to try doing your podcast recording together? We could feel our way forward on podcast content one bit at a time, recording together and working together on what you might want to say. Perhaps dialogue is an easy way for you to hit upon your truths.
Laurel Sindewald

Laurel is simply lovely.

The post – So People Can Hear, Too – elaborates on other lessons I learned about the logistics of podcasting – and the exhilaration that comes from having one’s own podcast show!

My observations and insights from starting a podcast channel:

  • Podcasting feels like I’m going to a creative gym, like I’ve found a novel way to exercise my inner life and discover what I think and feel and can express.
  • I feel like I’ve been given a new sense of hearing! I’m listening to every sound, wondering if it would make a good ding or bump in a podcast episode.
  • I’m listening to people more intently. I’ve been listening to their words for meaning. I am now more consciously listening to the sound of their meaning.
  • It feels like I’m doing my written work a good turn by reading it aloud.
  • I experience a kind of self-appreciation. I feel respect for myself and my efforts as I hear my words.
  • I think it will help me grow as a writer.
  • It feels like a present I’m giving myself.
  • I feel like I’m being of service. Some people have trouble reading. But they can hear.

Look at all the creative possibilities for podcast! I can’t wait to record my next episode!

I’m listening to sounds – and to my inner voice.

. . . . .

In this podcast episode from my podcast channel, I’m reading aloud my blog post, Letter to Myself at Three Years Sober.

The recording was edited and mastered by Laurel Sindewald and produced by Handshake Media, Incorporated.