Woman Rising

I wrote in an email to Jackie Harder in November, 2014: “I have a vision of a mural with a woman rising. I see her profile, I think her arms or hands are raised, and she is both lifting herself and being lifted, perhaps from fire and ashes, like a phoenix.”

Jackie transformed my vision into art.

Woman Rising by Jackie Harder

Jackie created the original painting by hand, designed a digital image, then orchestrated its birth on the entry wall in my home over a series of sessions during the spring of 2015. These wonderful and creative people, in alphabetical order by last name, held the paint brushes:

  • Gail Billingsley
  • Catherine Fae
  • Robert Giles (my dad!)
  • Ben Harder
  • Jackie Harder
  • Greg Kiebuzinski
  • Brandon Lowe
  • Kelly Queijo
  • Laurel Sindewald

Painting a woman rising

I painted a bit, too, primarily the green leaves in the bottom right-hand corner!

I am so grateful for this beauty in my home and the humanity and generosity that made it happen.

. . . . .

See, start to finish, all the photos of the project’s progress.

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