Statement of Intentions

About the Mandarin Chinese Workshop, I understand the following is a statement of best intentions, not a signed, contractual agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to be clear and specific about expectations.

As a member of the Mandarin Chinese Workshop:

  1. I understand that one of the main purposes of the workshop is to gain case study data in answer to this question: “How much Mandarin Chinese can an adult learn in _____ days?”
  2. To provide a tangible measure of learning, I understand the workshop’s coordinator needs my achievement scores at specific increments. For the 90-day workshop, these 5 increments are: a) with application, b) day 1 of the workshop, c) 30 days, d) 60 days, e) 90 days.
  3. I intend to engage with Mandarin Chinese in some form for one hour per day for the length of the workshop.
  4. Although I understand the core course for the workshop is Mandarin Blueprint, I understand that “engage with Mandarin Chinese” may be individually decided by me.
  5. I will post a daily written check-in statement about my engagement in the Mandarin Chinese Workshop.
  6. If I decide to leave the workshop, I understand one of the hypotheses upon which the workshop has been designed is that learning may still continue. I understand I am asked to continue to report my achievement scores at specified increments, even if I am no longer active in the workshop. For the 90-day workshop these 5 increments are: a) date of application, b) day 1 of the workshop, c) 30 days, d) 60 days, e) 90 days. Although I understand I will no longer qualify for continuous study bonuses, I understand I will receive $50 for each requested score I report.
  7. I have read the text and followed the links in the workshop description, workshop syllabus, and workshop schedule.
  8. I have marked my calendar for every Monday, 1:00 – 1:30 PM for conversation practice.
  9. I will complete Mandarin Blueprint’s 6-hour Pronunciation Mastery course within the first 14 days of the workshop.
  10. I will engage in an individual, 30-minute lesson with an italki teacher by the specified date.
  11. I understand that no results are implied or guaranteed.
  12. I understand that, if I miss one day of checking in, I am no longer a part of the workshop.

I will not cause these problems:

  1. Sign up for a program with stated sign-up criteria, not be able to meet those criteria, sign up anyway, then ask for a change in the criteria.
  2. No-show, i.e. agree to attend a meeting, not attend the meeting, and not provide notice that the meeting would not be attended.
  3. Arrive late.
  4. Agree to meet the criteria, not meet them, and remain silent about this.

The coordinator of the Mandarin Chinese Workshop will:

  1. Provide the resources and bonuses described in the workshop description, workshop syllabus, and workshop schedule.
  2. Respond in fewer than 24 hours to all questions and requests for help or support.
  3. Work tirelessly to help members learn effectively, happily, and bountifully.

As a member of the Mandarin Chinese Workshop, I am willing to give verbal acknowledgement that I have read this statement of intentions, understand it, and will join the coordinator and fellow workshop members in giving this novel idea a very good try!

Last updated 10/27/22