DIY Addictions Recovery

I am writing a series of posts on do-it-yourself – DIY – addictions recovery.

The series is contained on this blog in the category entitled DIY Addictions Recovery.

Table of contents for the series so far:

Anticipated future posts:

  • DIY Addictions Recovery: DBT for the Rest of Us
  • DIY Addictions Recovery: Adjust the Volume
  • DIY Addictions Recovery: What They’re Asking Us to Give Up
  • DIY Addictions Recovery Caveats: Why It’s Really Not DIY and Why It Might Not Work

For now,  a work-in-progress summary of fundamental do-it-yourself addictions recovery recommendations is at the end of the post entitled DIY Addictions Recovery: How I’m Going to Do This. At the top of the list are:

We are doing literature reviews of the research and writing reports on what the current science says about addictions and addictions treatment and posting them on my company’s blog. I am linking from the DIY posts on this blog to those reports, to articles by the learned, and to new research to cite sources for my DIY recommendations.

Partial list of reports, listed most recent first:

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Last updated 10/3/16

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