Contingency Management Awards

All group members have signed a consent to send and receive text, email, and other electronic correspondence and have acknowledged that attempts are made to protect privacy but cannot be guaranteed.

Awareness Skills groups, CBT groups, and CPT groups:

  • Arrive on time: $1
  • Complete all homework, printed pages in hand: $1
  • Appreciation $1 to award to the group member who most helped you gain awareness and insight during the session.

Awareness Skills groups, in addition to above:

  • Complete the session: $1 now or postpone and receive $5 at the end of session 4. (See research on delay discounting and  anticipation-reward.)
  • Daily awareness text, format below, 1 sky blue chip per day. 10 chips can be exchanged for a  $10 Kroger card.
  • Weekly awareness email, format below, 1 navy blue chip per email. 2 chips can be exchanged for a $10 Kroger card.
  • Attend and complete 5 sessions in a row: $10 Kroger card.

Daily Awareness Text Format

  • “I am aware I am feeling __________, I am thinking __________, and I am choosing to __________.”

Weekly Awareness Email Format

Minimum of 100 words. Word counters such as this one are available online. Contents of emails will be included in progress notes.

  1. “This happened.” (Provide a brief, general description. Please include no names or other personally identifying information.)
  2. “I felt these primary feelings and these secondary feelings.”
  3. “I became aware I was thinking these beliefs and these facts.”
  4. “In response to asking myself in what ways some of my thoughts were unhelpful or unrealistic, I answered _________________.”
  5. “To support and encourage myself, I made these statements to myself.”
  6. “I learned _________________. I think this will be of value to me _________________.”

Contingency Management (CM) is an evidence-based method of offering assistance to people with substance use disorders. Contingency management offers awards for actions that support achievement of remission. Taking awards away to deprive or punish is illogical and harmful given that addiction is defined as persistence despite negative consequences. Here is an explanation of the context in which we use contingency management.

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