Books by Anne Giles

Phoenix Rising: A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Addiction Recovery by Anne GilesPhoenix Rising: A Journey of Self-Discovery through Addiction Recovery, by Anne Giles, edited by Laurel Sindewald, July 2015

What’s a nice girl to do when she discovers she can’t stop drinking? Instructor, counselor, and businesswoman Anne Giles found herself asking just this question. In Phoenix Rising: A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Addiction Recovery, Anne paints vividly the rebirth of her identity as she sorts through the ashes of her past to understand the origins of her addiction, and as she seeks to understand addiction as a larger problem. Her writing is a synthesis of first-hand experience and professional training in addictions counseling. For those who have not experienced addiction, Phoenix Rising is an inside look at the emotional life of one who wrestles with addiction. For those who do suffer from one or more addictions, Phoenix Rising is a portrait of self-care and self-acceptance in an on-going process of self-discovery.

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Work: It's Personal by Anne GilesWork: It’s Personal, by Anne Giles, January 2012

Most of us spend more of our personal time with co-workers than we do with our partners and families. We’re advised to separate our personal and work lives, yet, as persons, we work. We rarely choose our co-workers, but we must personally work with them – or work around them. How to be our best selves in the workplace, as ourselves and in relationship with others – and still make money for our companies as both employees and employers – was the subject of the workplace advice column Anne Giles (formerly Clelland) wrote for Valley Business FRONT from 2008-2012.

Work: It’s Personal collects over 30 common, real-life, workplace dramas and pairs them with thoughtful and direct advice from the author. Giles’s advice, although not always what we thought we’d hear, is honest, heart-felt, and designed to help readers become aware of what’s really going on at work – both personally and professionally – so they can make informed choices on behalf of themselves and their companies.