Self-Help Guide for People with Addiction

I have been trying to write an evidence-informed, self-help guide for people with addiction, especially for those mandated by authorities to abstinence.

This injustice has called me to protest. I’ve written and presented. I will continue to do so.

But my top priority is providing direct help to people who need it.

Here is my first attempt. It offers too much background and too much explanation to be of immediate to help to many people. That’s why I’m working now to distill what really helps, one page at a time. I’m attempting to present the handouts in priority order of helpfulness. Many people don’t have much time.

It takes too much labor to create and upload .pdfs of the handouts, however, and they’re outdated as soon as I publish them because I’m constantly refining them. I’m sorry I’m not providing printable versions for those who might wish for them.

List of Handouts

How to Help People with Addiction Who Are Mandated to Abstinence

Skills that help people abstain (forthcoming). I term these “Awareness Skills. Here’s a self-talk narrative that walks a person through the awareness skills.

Tapering in Replacements for Substances

Last revised 8/27/18

. . . . .

This page lists online versions of a series of one-page handouts I am creating for people with addiction who have been mandated to substance abstinence by authorities. I have strong views about this. I have, and will continue to, express those elsewhere. Right here, right now, people with addiction need help and they’re either not getting it, or what they’re getting isn’t working. The handouts are my attempt to strong arm aside belief and theory and present distillations of what research reports helps people abstain.

The views expressed are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the positions of my employers, co-workers, clients, family members or friends. This content is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical or professional advice. Consult a qualified health care professional for personalized medical and professional advice.